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Royal Upholstery Cleaning Tomball TX

One brand that sticks out in the field of upholstery cleaning in the quaint town of Tomball, Texas, is Royal Upholstery Cleaning Tomball TX. Your one-stop shop for all upholstery needs, including pet stain and odor removal as well as wine and urine stain removal, is our respectable establishment.

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Removing Odors From Upholstery

Upholstery is a reflection of the comfort and design of your house, not merely a practical component of your furniture. It can absorb bad smells over time, and getting rid of them might be difficult.

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Tomball, Texas-based Royal Upholstery Cleaning is aware of the nuances involved in eliminating smells from upholstery. We eliminate smells using cutting-edge methods and environmentally safe materials to keep your furniture looking as cozy as ever.

Pet Stain Removal

Owning a pet has taught you that mishaps do occur. When your cherished dogs leave stains on your upholstery, it's critical to take quick, decisive action.

When unattractive blemishes ruin your furniture, Royal Upholstery Cleaning Tomball TX specializes in pet stain removal and is a lifesaver. Our knowledgeable experts are aware that pet stains can leave behind unpleasant smells in addition to visual issues. Our eco-friendly solutions guarantee a clean and fresh atmosphere in your house, in addition to getting rid of stains.

Wine Stain Removal & Urine Stain Removal

A misplaced glass of red wine can quickly become a nightmare for your upholstery. Urine stains on your upholstery can be unattractive and unsanitary to deal with.

Upholstery Before And After

Before And After Upholstery Cleaning


For clean and safe furniture, Royal Upholstery Cleaning Tomball TX provides expert urine stain removal services. We are aware that these stains are not only ugly but also infamously difficult to get rid of. In order to guarantee that your upholstery is clear of the residue from that tragic accident and to handle any remaining odors, our technicians use tried-and-true methods together with environmentally friendly solutions.

Sofa Cleaning

As the center of attention in your living room, your sofa's appearance has a big impact on the atmosphere in your house.

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Royal Carpet Cleaning Tomball TX

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Royal Stain Removal Tomball TX

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Rug Cleaning

Royal Rug Cleaning Tomball TX

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Royal Upholstery Cleaning Tomball TX

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With our expertise in couch cleaning, Royal Carpet Cleaning Tomball, TX guarantees that your cherished furniture will feel and look brand new. We address stains, smells, and general wear and tear using our tried-and-true methods and environmentally responsible approach, bringing back the beauty of your couch.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Royal Tile and Grout Cleaning Tomball TX

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Royal Air Vent Cleaning Tomball TX

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